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Amphibian House

ŠA Atelier

In 1959, Polish architect, theorist, and urban planner Oskar Hansen introduced the theory of “Open Form,” which describes art as a process of collaboration, group expression, and flexibility, and imagines architectures and shared spaces as modulated and reconfigured by their users, rather than designed hierarchically by a single expert.


Amphibian House aims to involve children in creative play and learning through educational performance. In this activity, play shifts children’s creativity towards the development of a symbiotic environment. Based on Oskar Hansen’s Open Form theory, Amphibian House explores advanced hybrid thinking and asks children to imagine, construct, and experience architectural structures that can accommodate half-human/half-amphibian beings. Through the workshop, children will investigate different aspects of interspecies relationships, new forms of dwelling, and the possible coexistence of different forms of life.


Designed by ŠA Atelier (Gabrielė and Antanas Šarkauskai).



ŠA Atelier is an art and architecture studio established in Vilnius by Gabrielė and Antanas Šarkauskai. Each completed a Bachelor in Architecture at the Vilnius Academy of Arts and Master degrees at the Vilnius Gediminas Technical University: Gabrielė, a Master in Theory and History of Architecture, and Antanas, a Master in Architecture. They design and lead architecture-related workshops for children and adults, aiming to combine practical functional achievement and exploration of theoretical issues.