the work of WIND AIR LAND SEA

light breeze
14–23 SEPT. 2018

Museo Aero Solar

Museo Aero Solar is a flying museum and a solar sculpture made by the “Museo Aero Solar” group–an open-source international community, initiated more than eight years ago by Tomás Saraceno in conversation with Alberto Pesavento, inviting everybody to take part and to turn used plastic bags into lighter-than-air sculptures.


What began from the premise of a collection has unfolded to be an urgently necessary investigation on coexistence, aeronautics, and architecture, aimed to rethink the way we navigate new territories and venture beyond the rules of gravity. Museo Aero Solar stands for a different conception of space and energy, both anomalous and forceful at the same time. The core of Museo resides in the inventiveness of local inhabitants, not in its image: among collective action and art, do-it-together technology and experiment, it is a voyage back/forward in time. The Museo Aero Solar is a growing community of self-assembling groups of initiators and participants that are working independently and together in different parts of the world on creating novel instantiations of the Museo. By taking the bags out of waste cycles, they are jointly raising awareness of the impact of our daily plastic consumption and our careless use of resources. In the past eleven years, the Museo Aero Solar has culled more than 20,000 plastic bags and landed in more than 21 sites across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Caribbean, and the United States. This is Museo Aero Solar’s first launch in Canada.


Every day throughout The Work of Wind: Air, Land, Sea, Museo Aero Solar will float completely fossil-fuel free, powered only by the heat of the sun.