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+ 22 23 23


+ 22 23 23

11:00 am

Watershed Memory and Drainpipe Story
A Tour

Sheila Batacharya

September 22 and 23

11am-12pm and 2-3pm


Considering memories and situated knowledge connected to this site, Sheila Batacharya will lead a tour of the PPG Coatings and Resins Plant ruins. Her storytelling will map the literal and metaphoric drains and drainage in the operations of this industry, and the history of this place.



Sheila Batacharya teaches and writes. She grew up on Royal Windsor Drive, two kilometres from the Pittsburgh Plate Glass of Canada factory in Clarkson where her father worked as a chemical engineer from the late 1960s until he retired in the 1990s. Batacharya’s work about embodiment is shaped by paying attention to race and, colonization, and by examining perception as inextricably socially constructed, but more than just discursive.