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The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

This sixth broadsheet in the SDUK series rounds out a sustained engagement with climate change, environmental crisis, and resilience that has taken place across multiple sites in Mississauga throughout 2018-2019. Concluding this series, though by no means ceasing the Blackwood’s work on climate justice, this issue reflects on how to reckon with, and move forward, in an age of ecological anxiety and accumulating destruction—with hope, but also with urgency. As in the return of fire to landscape conservation documented in Zackery Hobler’s cover image, FORGING looks to artistic, poetic, political, and scientific catalysts to re-enliven suppressed or waylaid knowledges in favour of a more liveable future.


Bureau of Linguistical Reality
D.T. Cochrane
Thirza Cuthand
Phil De Luna
Bonnie Devine
Michael DiRisio
Orit Halpern
Zackery Hobler
Sarah Pereux
John Paul Ricco
Erin Robinsong
Ciara Weber
Wretched of the Earth Collective
Joy Xiang
Alize Zorlutuna


Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga


Editorial Collective

D.T. Cochrane, Alison Cooley, Fraser McCallum, Christine Shaw, Joy Xiang



Matthew Hoffman


Copy Editor

Jeffrey Malecki



Thistle Printing


The Blackwood Gallery gratefully acknowledges support for the SDUK broadsheet series from the Jackman Humanities Institute.


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