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The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge

This fifth SDUK broadsheet examines the multifaceted meanings of ACCOUNTING in the age of climate change. This issue considers accounting in its colloquial sense, pertaining to investment and economics, but also moves beyond the ledger book to consider what remains uncounted, and what is consciously left out. Throughout this issue, we find slippery concepts, things, and actors that pose a challenge to accounting as a means of representation and understanding.


Laurel Besco

J.R. Carpenter

D.T. Cochrane

Randy Lee Cutler

Adam Dickinson

Steve Hoffman

Indigenous Womxn’s Collective

Fraser McCallum

James K. Rowe

Kristen Schaper

Camille-Mary Sharp

Alexis Shotwell

Kristen Simmons

Kelly Wood


Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga


Editorial Collective

D.T. Cochrane, Alison Cooley, Fraser McCallum, Christine Shaw, Joy Xiang



Matthew Hoffman


Copy Editor

Jeffrey Malecki



Thistle Printing


The Blackwood Gallery gratefully acknowledges support for the SDUK broadsheet series from the Jackman Humanities Institute.


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